Mission and Vision

Mission Statement

More than 10 years have passed since we founded this private school in Ara to provide the students an opportunity for high quality education. While the world and the school have changed dramatically, their fundamental values endure: work hard, without regard for public acclaim; develop all your talents, academic, artistic, and athletic; and most importantly, give of yourself to others. These principles, coupled with their belief that character, above all else, determines success in life, forms the foundation of our enduring school motto:
“Enter to Learn-Learn to serve”.

Vision Statement

To facilitate the balanced development of our students; with commitment and respect for the local community and a multicultural world.

Goals & Objectives

  • Maintain stability and continuity through adherence to the mission, vision, and school beliefs
  • Offer a curriculum that prepares students to be successful in the best national and foreign colleges and universities
  • Provide the facilities and equipment for teachers to implement the established curriculum
  • Encourage learning beyond the classroom
  • Promote a culture of life-long learning
  • Offer teachers and staff opportunities to grow professionally
  • Maintain an atmosphere in which academic achievement is valued
  • Support the use of English as the language of communication in a natural context
  • Provide activities addressing students’ special talents and interests
  • Provide students with a school-wide character education program addressing values and personal choices
  • Foster communication in an atmosphere of respect, tolerance and acceptance
  • Provide facilities and programs to develop the ability to apply technology to problem solving
  • Encourage students to assume leadership roles
  • Encourage school-wide parent participation